Fergus Falls Hall of Fame Distinguished Alum Ceremony
Jerry finally makes the grade in his home town
May 11, 2009

Check out the Fergus Falls Foundation web site for more information and in spite of what it says above the "Senior Recognition" was for the HS seniors and not the oldie but goodie types who entered the Hall of Fame. We can thank Becky Kuehnel, fellow classmate, brother Bob, daughters Barbara and Janice plus Purdue colleague Donna all of whom conspired to generate a lot of glowing words in the nomination. Below are some photos taken during this event and around Fergus.

Award dinner with Norbys, Kuehnels, Jerry, Bob and Eltons at one table.

Jerry pontificating to bore the students

Plaque present to Jerry with a "handsome" and tanned image engraved on it

Breakfast the following morning. Table of "old" alums. Note "young" Jerry not in it - taking pictures

Mindy Fuder, Executve Director, surprising the old man at breakfast with his own Otter.

Mindy looking smug while Jerry again goes on and on and on!

Here we are - Bob, Jerry (with Otter) and Melissa

Here he is the Fergus Falls Otter - a special meaning to those who came from Ottertail County and were known as the --Fighting Otters


Following are some other photos taken while in Fergus

A big old "Do you remember" party at Norby's house with the Kuehnels and Eltons.

Here are two Madison grade school alums visiting the memorial for the school that was demolished in 1976

Here we are at the "house where Jerry was born". Next door was the Madison school. Grandmother Spencer who attended the birth wrote in her diary "Baby boy born, going back to Fargo"

The Liedl's home from circa 1938 to 1990. Looks the same except for fence and the green and some elm trees. An old 1860's farm house made up the core of the house.

While in town Bob, Melissa and I visited parent's graves, cleaned up some and put out some flowers.

We also took care of brother Don and first wife Carol's grave site.