Purdue University
50th Anniversary
School of Materials Engineering
October 23rd & 24th 2009
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Last house for Liedls in West Lafayette

First Liedl House in West Lafayette

Phi Kappa Tau House no longer there

Old Materials/EE Bldg School left for Armstrong Building

Wall Display across from main MSE office

Phil and Carol Stein -former (not old) student

Jerry and Phil Stein in fron of video display system Phil and Carol gave in Jerry's honor

Donna Bystrom (middle) power behind throne with two alums

Vicki Cline student "mother" with Larry (husband) on left and Chuck Waller

Jerry with '84 alum Fred Brown

Prof Dayananda (School historian exempelar)talking with alums

Saturday pregame party - three Heads Jerry, Keith (current) and Dick Grace

Boilermaker Special leads PU team onto field for Illinois game - PU 24 - ILL 14

Barry and Tova Effron at their "Effron Scholar Banquet" (way to go Effrons)

Dick Grace, Barry Effron, and Jerry following Jerry's initation into Effron Scholars - had to play a Kazoo

Jerry struggling to play the Kazoo

ALL the Effron Scholars playing the Kazoo

The final hurrah -two "Heads" putting the squeeze on Barry