Spencer James Liedl
Air Force Academy Graduation May 2008

Graduation Program

Last Parade

Parade Colors

Spencer -(front right at parade)

Spencer with proud parents after parade

Spencer with "little brother" Max after parade

Dinner before Commisioning Ceremony

Squadron 33 Commisioning

Here is Uncle Jerry trying to remember the oath as he swears in the new officer

Congratulations, we survived commissioning!

Cousin Barbara, Spencer, and Uncle Jerry



Graduation Day - at last!
So say the graduates and we all have our assigned seats and snuggle to keep warm and dry while the cadets await the final ceremony



Graduation at the overcast football field

President Bush about to give Spencer his congratulations as one of the Distinguished Graduates

Hat Tossing Celebration

USAF Thunderbird Team Flyover Ends the Program


Shush! No tailgating - this is just a swim team gathering









See! Just a small toast by a swim coach in honor of the two swim team graduating

Here we are just a group of "regular folk" who happen to swim for the USAF Academy

A great time was had by all and hopefully the parents made it home with all of Spencer's stuff in their van while Spencer tools on his way home in his overloaded Corvette. See below for the packing experiment!

Here is what a Corvette should do - transport the new graduate all decked out!

This is what happens when you try to pack your "stuff" into a Corvette!

Nice Trunk - what is this, a truck?

Plenty of room for a passanger as long as it is just a mouse.

Parent's van with stressed suspension! Are the front tires still on the ground?

From the rear there is a lot of space for a couple of more rubber bands.

Looks like a tube of tooth paste when full - just squeeze when you get home and it all comes out the rear door. Report is that all made it back to Neenah with all Spence's "stuff"!