Alabama in June!

 In the latter part of June we visited parts of Georgia and Alabama that we had never seen. Reason for the trip was for Jerry to give a couple of lectures at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. This was one of the lucky universities that had escaped Jerry’s many reviews and accreditation visits. Lectures were a part of an NSF workshop to introduce faculty from some of the historically black universities in the southeast. We had to travel past Atlanta and of course we just happened to find that needlepoint shop just off the expressway north of Atlanta that ran the shop for the Callaway classes where Carol ‘went to camp’ every January for years.

Following the Tuscaloosa visit we took the cross Alabama trip to Dothan Alabama. Why would anyone ever go to Dothan?  Well, it just is the location of the Whaley’s (Dick and Marion) who had recently moved from Eufaula, Alabama. Marion is one of Carol’s friends from the classes at Callaway on needlepoint! It was a golden opportunity for us to meet and Carol could swap heart attack tales with Dick. We found them in Dothan and spent a day visiting and seeing some sights around Dothan.

Marion & Dick Whaley with Carol

(note the array of needlepoint pictures on the walls)  

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