Recent Excursions of Jerry and Carol

Millennium Year Ventures

    May 2000 was the start with a long awaited Alaskan cruise taken with ‘old’ friends Chuck and Sue Scholer.  For somewhere into the twenty year time frame this cruise had been oft mentioned but never completed. Many excuses of job responsibility, family needs, etc put it off. Finally with Jerry retired and Chuck ‘half retired’, Sue getting the Indiana legislature to finish on time, and Carol recovering from a stroke, this was the year if there was ever to be a year for all four of us to indulge ourselves. The adventure was Alaska at its best, fantastic weather for two weeks and scenery that was out of this world that some people believe is the definition of Alaska.

    In June the Liedl’s were off again with a visit to the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa and a tour to south Alabama with a chance to see the Whaley’s in Dothan Alabama. Marion and Carol had known each other for years via needlepoint classes at Calloway Gardens. Now was the chance for the spouses to meet.

    In August we made a trip to England. Jerry had a two-day meeting with Academic Press. He is going to pretend to be a “Condensed-matter Physics” type person and be one of three editors for a new encyclopedia. We did find time for the sights of London and a few side trips to the southwest part of England.


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