Callaway Gardens 2001 Needlearts Seminar

For over 20 years Carol has gone to 'camp' at various needlearts places and Jerry could never play 'spouse'! Plans for both to attend the 2000 seminar at Callaway Gardens were placed on hold due to a hospital stay for Carol. As we approached the 2001 seminar time it came to the mind of the 'good old doctors' that working on a needlearts project at Callaway was a great rehab for Carol. Thus the trip came to fruition. Following are some shots of the group at work and play.

"Much-a-do about filling holes', the counting ladies at work in Tony Mineri's 'Studio Time'

View from the studio looking towards one lake in the Gardens!

Carol in DEEP concentration to count and place her next stitch!

Tony giving guidance and encouragement to Marian after plucking some feathers from her Quail.

Marian's Quail progressing very well, thank you!

Diane in DEEP concentration as she plans the moustache for 'Oh Captain My Captain'!

A visit to Callaway Gardens is not complete without spending some time at the various parts of the Gardens such as the Day Butterfly Center.


As with any seminar the culmination is the perennial banquet and awards. Here is table 9 with Carol on the right and a group of friends including the 'bashful one' (Judith) behind the '9'!

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