Carriage Park East!!

Myrtle Beach, February 2001

As spring appears on the horizon, many Carriage Park folk feel that urge for the beach. This year an even dozen harkened to the call and headed east to the beach, the shells, the outlet stores, the dress shops, the exploration for interesting eating places, and the camaraderie of afternoon 'tea'!  

View of Myrtle Beach from Patricia Grand Hotel, our home away from home!


Carol seeking new insight for spring flowers. 

Carol wandering Huntington Beach in search of the perfect shell specimen.


Breakfast, the "LONG RANGE" planning session. Mary has everyone's attention, even Jim's, as she outlines the potential events for the day. This is the forerunner for the "BIG DECISION" - where do we eat tonight!!! This crowd travels, literally, on its stomach. 

Mid-day rest on the 'boardwalk' while the Hardy's, Margaret and the Bandelin's pause for reflection on the day's  events. Where is Bob? Possibly the cameraman?



Here we are again, checking out the goodies. What! Do I see the Bandelin cheese AGAIN! Those Wisconsinites have a never ending supply of cheese. It just did not sell as well as the Steinbugler squid!! Oysters anyone?

Mint Julips anyone! Did not know they came in an amber shade.


Here we are in the midst of deep philosophical discussions. Let's see now the 'rules' say no religion, no politics, no this, no that - gosh guess that only leaves 'grandchildren'. Here we go with great books and international events. Poor Margaret is taking her much needed siesta - probably too much time in Spain recently.

We wave fond farewell to the pigeons* as we entrust the safe keeping of the beach to them until the next time we make the pilgrimage to Carriage Park East. Ya'al come next time and join in the festivities and challenge our tour guides to find yet another set of entertaining nights. *Note:_George Morgan gets an  A+ for being first to recognize species as Sea Gull !!

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