January 2002 on the Road

This year Jerry gets his second trip to Callaway to hob-nob with the needlearts community while Carol takes her classes. 


Sharon and Pat take care of registration and try to manage the system 

Carol working diligently in classroom

Work in progress by friend Marian during studio time

Friend Marian and her three major awards from the show

Leaving Callaway we headed south in hopes of warming Carol's thin blood. After stopping at New Smyrna Beach (near Daytona) for a couple of days, we boarded a cruise ship for warmer climate - the Bahamas.

Ship moored off Coco Cay

Lots to see and do - now let me see was that Carol or Jerry up there?

A seldom seen picture of both!

Marching flamingos


Final week in January was spent at St. Pete's Beach where we enjoyed the sand, the sun, and friends.

Carol shelling on the beach


Here we are in Tarpon Springs

-sponge capital of USA

Could it be! Marion Morgan and Carol finding  a place to shop?

A trip to Sarasota and who do we find but Geraldine Vest, Prof. emeritus from Purdue, at her favorite hobby-gemstones.

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