Caribbean and St. Pete's Beach

Watch out world here we come on the way to the Caribbean!

Carol watches Ft. Lauderdale as we leave port.

We wave goodbye to Ann Gabbett's high rise condo

Carol strolling down the shopping district of St. Maartens


Carol looks down on Magen's Bay in St. Thomas

No snorkeling but glass bottom boats work as well!

Here we are relaxing on our deck on the return trip.

Now here we are on the beach in Florida!


Old Professors just retire to Florida. Here are the Graces and the Liedls basking on the beach. So Dick, now what is it you do when everyday is Saturday?

Whoops, here we are at Carriage Park South (somewhere around Largo FL). Lois Hardy, Carol and Marian Morgan rest after chasing a lot of "fleas" at the market.

Now we leave St. Pete's Beach as the sun sets over the Gulf!