A Year for Memories

The year 2003 started with a cold spell here in the mountains so Jerry and Carol were thinking ahead to their trip to Calloway to see the old gang of needle artists. On return it was still cold so off they went to the Caribbean and St Pete' s Beach in western Florida.

On return from Florida Carol experienced a sequence of health issues. First was the head cold that was finally overcome with two rounds of antibiotics. Then stomach pains arose and after a week of doctor visits and treatments we went into the hospital in mid March to find the problem. After some tests the doctors were still uncertain as to the cause of the pains. Exploratory surgery was the next phase and we did discover the problem, a burst appendix. Surprise! We had told the doctors the appendix was taken out with the gall bladder years ago. Recovery from the surgery went well and we were looking forward to going home in a couple of days. The next morning the nurses could not awaken Carol. She had a massive stroke during the night and passes away peacefully on April 2nd.

A memorial celebration of Carol's life will be held on Friday, May 16 at 1:30PM at Grace Lutheran Church in Hendersonville, NC. Carol will be laid to rest in the church's columbarium.