Callaway Gardens

School of Needlearts

Once again Jerry gets to wallow in the glory of hundreds of women at the School. He has found a new focus to life. It seem that everyone needs someone to thread needles.  Lots and lots of needles to be threaded with lots of different threads and colors of threads. So Carol stitches while Jerry threads. A truly collaborative activity. I'll bet you all thought threading needles is not a challenging task - well you just need to watch the master and learn. Carol finally determined what Jerry's new job would be. She could rent him out as a needle threader and make the "big bucks".


Carol's first class with Deborah Forney - note how attentive is the student!

Carol in Marnie Ritter's Class - everyone wants to know how Marnie did THAT!

Now Marnie sets down to shoe how she would do the stitch while Carol points out the problem areas

Carol stitching on the project

Banquet and chance for the girls to share their stitching stories among other things.


  Amaryllis were in bloom at Callaway so we had to bring one home and watch it bloom!