Fergus Falls High School Class Reunion

August 2007

(Click on photograph to get a full screen size view)

Train Depot Still There

Desolate main street on a Sunday morning

Sunday morning walk shows the falls still there

Jean Trousdale with welcoming group at Picnic

More welcoming group

Larry Norby shooting the breeze

Becky talking still

Skip and Becky

Bromberg with usual fist pointing

Group of the boys

Some of the girls

Group at Elk's Point Picnic

Janelle in thoughtful pose

Goup in shade waiting for the walk around Lake Alice

More waiting for the walk

Larry & Jean getting things discussed

Janelle doing her "paper work"

Rocky making his point clear

Pat at the piano

Our choir

Where is the food?


Jean giving directions Again

Whats this? Table dancing?

Oh! an auction of memorable items

On the other hand! Says Pat

Rocky working the corn over

Doris listening to Becky

More auction

In rapt attention

Waiting for the food

Finally, the corn is getting done!

Will we ever eat?

Jean takes the cake

Cute little otter