Emilee Cantieri & Jerry Liedl

Cruise on Costa in the Indian Ocean - March 2-17, 2017

Photos are from the various islands we visited. Click on the ones you want to see

First day got us to Paris wher we had a day room to get tome sleep. The secon day got us to Port Lewis in the Marishes where we spent a night at Villa Anakoa a quaint "bed and breakfast" right on the Indian Ocean

Villa Anakoa

Below see the route we took to see the 4 island countries the cruise visited. Cruise too a slight detour on the first day to miss the cyclone that hit Madegascar and the Reuinion islands.

At Sea


First stop was at Victoria in the Seychelles where we went on excursions to see the many species of animals and flowers.

After circling to miss the storms we made it to Madegascar where we had a couple of HOT and HUMID days - 90's for both temperature and humidity!


Next stop was the Reunion Islands. Just as in Madegascar the region is very mountainous. Great scenery as we drove in four wheeled vehicles to get to back to the natural areas to view animals and enjoy the gardens.


Our final stop was back to Port Lewis in the Seychelles where we started. Here we had a day plus to see the island and the city. As with the other island countries this is a volcanic one and has a most interesting terrain. Here tea and sugar cane were the major economy and still remain a large segment of the economy. However now corn is an abundant crop also.


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