The Three Liedl's in Miami

Jan went to Miami to attend The Fifty-Third Annula Meeting of the Renaissance Society of America to give a paper. Sister Barbara had told her she would come and the two girls could have a grand old time.  What she did not know was that dear old Dad was also going to be there so the the three Liedl "profs" were together.  Below is a short description of how things looked through the lens of Dad's camera.

Surprise there is dear old Dad. Now we girls have to behave!

Jan found a "humble room" for her and Barbara.  About the size of the Myatt's house!

The girls go FIRST CLASS!!  Two bathrooms too with one having a bidet.

View from the girl's room

Dear old Dad's view

Here we are - almost like those "spring break chicks" on the beach here in South Beach

Had to have lunch on South Beach at Jerry's and the food was really good.

Oh yes, the conference.  Here we are at Jan's talk, a horticulturist and an engineer among all those historians

The old major professor, Ken Bartlett questions Jan

Bartlett talks about an interesting painting