In the merry month of August Jerry and Carol made a trip to merry old England. On the surface it was a ‘business trip’. That is Jerry was visiting Academic Press for a meeting of editors (2 days) for a new encyclopedia purported to be on ‘condensed-matter physics’. However, we will not go into that issue now. The other seven days were spent around London and into the southern parts of England. The ‘crooked lady with her crooked stick’ made her way throughout London on the underground to various sites. She attracted attention wherever she went – no one messed with that stick! A sight to behold was the ‘crooked pair’ with Emperor Justinian at the Roman Wall near the Tower of London.

Carol before the statue of Justinian with the old Roman wall in the background

We traversed the city and spent time at one of our favorite museum’s, the Victoria and Albert, as well as walked the shopping districts including, of course, Regent Street and Liberty’s of London (fabric exchanged hands!).

       Symbol and flags at V&A   

 Liberty’s of London  



 Tour time outside of London

 A trip to Stonehenge as well as through the Cotswolds was a scenic tour that included a visit to Oxford, the only rainy day of our week.  Stonehenge was well worth the visit and it pushes the limits of the imagination to think of how they moved those rocks into place.

Carol at Stonehenge

  Lunch at an Inn in the Cotswolds 

  Rainy old Oxford  

Bath, Our Favorite place

Our time was limited but we found that Bath was delightful and we spent two days there. We stayed at an old inn called Pratt’s that had its collection of interesting rooms.

Carol before the fireplace

 Jerry in the reading room  

The views around Bath are great with the same stone used throughout most of the buildings as seen in the view of the Abbey and the scene in the garden near the river and across the river.

Abbey at Bath

View across the river from the town  

 Topiary in the garden  

Blenheim Palace, a visit to the Spencer-Churchill Connection

Our visit would not be complete without at least a cursory look at the Spencers in England, remember Jerry your mother was a Spencer. Blenheim could take a long time to describe but let’s just look at a couple of views outside. Unfortunately, inside pictures were not permitted of the Churchill display of pictures and memorabilia that was well done.  Below are a couple of views of a part of the front of the palace.

Front Entrance to the Blenheim 

Left of  front - the entrance gate  

                    The gardens were a site to behold and one near the entrance side of the main building is shown below.

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